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How to Negotiate Your Salary

Self-Paced/ 1.5 Hours

In this course, you'll learn what you need to do before, during and after a salary negotiation to earn more money in your career. Designed to be beautiful, fun and easy to do, this course has the potential to help you increase your salary by thousands of dollars. It will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to negotiate your salary no matter what your circumstances.



What do you get?

  • Five video lessons taking you through the steps to a successful salary negotiation

  • Bonus features to help you take this to the next level

  • A workbook to guide you along the way

  • Additional resources for further study

Download your workbook and watch the videos below to get started


Lesson One: Before You Negotiate

Learn everything you need to know about planning and preparing for a successful salary negotiation. You'll learn how to:

  • Analyze the situation

  • Figure out what's important to you

  • Research your counterpart

  • Work on your confidence


Lesson two: during the negotiation

Learn what to do during the negotiation conversation so that you can think on your feet and do your best! You'll learn:

  • Why expressing enthusiasm is important and how to do it right

  • The power of collaborative thinking

  • What it looks like to get creative in a negotiation

  • How to exercise patience


Lesson three: advanced negotiation skills

Learn advanced skills to help you take your negotiation to the next level:

  • Rookie mistakes

  • When to negotiate

  • Nonverbal behaviors

  • Pro tips


Lesson four: the gender pay gap

In this section, we'll cover statistics on the gender pay gap, the confidence crisis in woman and why the future of work values female traits. 

  • Statistics on equal pay

  • The confidence crisis

  • The future of work


Lesson five: bonus features

In this lesson, we'll go over some bonus features for you to take everything to the next level. Watch the videos below to get:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Three in-depth case studies to help you see what you learned in practice


additional resources

Download this guided visualization audio file to make sure you set the right intention before you go in to negotiate.

Listen to this MP3 recording with Master Life Coach, Andrea Leda about how to work on your relationship with money.


praise for this course:

"This course was very informative and makes me feel more in control of something that was otherwise causing me a lot of anxiety."

"Within one week of taking this course, I negotiated a $10,000 raise for myself!"

"I thought I knew how to negotiate, but this course taught me things I never even considered! It never occurred to me how much there is to negotiate on besides money and I didn't know how hard I was making it."

"First of all, this course is beautiful. The slides are engaging and Jessica is a great instructor. Second, I learned so much! I am currently looking for a job and feel more prepared than ever to negotiate my salary when the offer comes!"

"I thought I was making plenty in my current job until I took this course and realized that I have always just settled for what I was offered. So I took what I learned here and three days later negotiated a raise of $5,000!"

"I can't believe I've never negotiated my salary! I guess I was just scared I'd be seen as ungrateful and lose the job offer. This course helped me realize that wasn't the truth and that I need to negotiate my salary when my next annual review comes around.”

"This course takes something that feels so awkward and uncomfortable and turns it into a thing I really feel better about. Plus I didn't have to spend a ton of money and it took me less than two hours to complete!"