The Hell of Networking: Learn From the Broad Experience

I love podcasts because I can listen and learn on the go, while getting ready in the morning or cleaning the house.

My latest podcast obsession has been The Broad Experience, a conversation about women, workplace and success hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte, a British-born writer and public radio reporter based in New York.

Each podcast is a short 15-30 minute episode on topics such as “When Women Work for Free,” “Women in Technology,” and “Emotions at the Office.”

The Hell of Networking

Most recently I listened to the episode called, “The Hell of Networking” during which Ashley interviews expert female networkers on the challenges women face when networking and how to overcome them.

Forget the schmooze fest, this episode confirms what I’ve been saying for years – networking isn’t about taking from others, but more about giving.

“We think of networking as, ‘I’m going to meet this person so that they will do something for me.’ And I think that’s toxic on so many levels,” says guest Kimberly Weisul.

She recommends a more generous attitude when building your professional relationships that goes beyond the cliché of selling your services or your experience in order to get something – like a job. Weisul encourages you to look for ways to help others to build lasting relationships– something I strongly agree with.

More Advice on Networking for Women

If you’re a woman and networking makes you uncomfortable or you’re interested in improving your networking skills, listen to this episode of The Broad Experience to learn:

  • A great tip for working a room at a networking event.
  • How to network up the ladder to meet leaders in your field.
  • Why building a network is a critical step to having a successful career.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Editors Note: This post originally appeared on the Mac's List Blog on April 9, 2015.