Letter to a Young Woman

My dear,

Do not fear. There is a TRUTH and it’s on your side.

When you are faced with challenges beyond your control. When life is throwing everything at you (and the kitchen sink).

My friend, do not fear.

You have a strength inside of you that is BIGGER than the ocean, WIDER than the breeze.

You have a wisdom within that will guide you to higher ground.

You WILL rise from this with a wealth of experience that no one can take from you.

Trust THIS - with your whole heart - this simple fact that YOU are fit and well, exactly as you are.

You can handle whatever comes your way - just reach for the HIGHER place within. It is always there, wherever you are. 

Strive for the LIGHT and the GOODNESS and the safe places around you.

Take a bath. Light a candle. Say a prayer. Visualize a better day. It IS on the way. I know this to be true.

Tap into your highest self - the YOU that IS the ocean, the breeze and the sun.

And from that beautiful well of resolve and strength - you will rise.

You WILL rise to the dawn of a better day.

I promise.