30 Day Creativity Challenge

I believe creativity and curiosity are the keys to accessing the higher places within us that guide us to greatness in our life’s work. 

For example, can you recall a time when you felt so overwhelmed and anxious that it paralyzed you and interrupted your whole day? 

It sucks to feel that way, doesn’t it? 

Now, do you remember what shifted your mindset?

What pulled you out of that place of fear and disrupted the negative story in your head? 

Was it a walk you took with your dog?

Perhaps it was the sunlight shining through the trees, or the wind on your face? 

Maybe it was a yoga class, or the time you to took to sketch in your notepad and write in your journal?

And do you remember how that transition from a state of fear and uncertainty to a place of peace and comfort felt? 

Do you recall the moment when you felt transformed and pulled from that lower state of being to a higher place within? 

How did it feel? 

It felt good, didn’t it?

And I bet you were more productive as a result AND you felt more empowered in your life and career. 

I also bet that your work got a little easier and things started going your way. 

This is what happened to me at The World Domination Summit. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but for the last month I was stuck in that place of feeling fearful and uncertain, and I didn’t even know it. 

Quitting my job and starting my own business really took it out of me this year. 

And while I am 100 percent confident of my work and my ability to serve you in your career, I have been so bogged down in the details that are required to launch a business that I lost my creativity and forgot to speak from my heart. 

I have been exhausted and definitely in the valley of uncertainty, operating from a scarcity mindset

WDS 2015 was more inspiring than ever and, as a result, I tapped back into my creativity and curiosity - a view point that is lighter, brighter and more spacious. 

The fog lifted. 

And when it did, I could see clearly what I’ve been doing wrong:

In an effort to serve you and empower you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to build a meaningful career that makes a difference, I strayed from my creative and curious mind. I got bogged down in getting it perfect, getting it right and not making mistakes. 

And that my friend, has stalled my ability to serve you. 

As a result of this epiphany, I’m challenging myself to creativity and curiosity to truly tap into my greatest potential to serve you. 

I’m committing myself to a 30 Day Creativity Challenge. 

Over the next 30 days I’m going on a Creativity Challenge where I am committed to engaging in a creative task that I’m curious about for at least 15 minutes a day. 

So far my list of things includes taking guitar lessons, coloring in a coloring book, dancing at a hip hop class, making fun playlists and taking voice lessons.

You can join me at #creativitychallenge or follow along on my blog where I’ll share what I learn from this experience in an effort to help YOU tap more into your creative and curious self.

Because I truly believe…

When you act from a higher place, great things happen - you see possibilities and solutions you didn’t see before - and from that state of being, you unleash your potential to have a meaningful career and make an impact in the lives of others. 

Curiosity and creativity can change your life and change the world. 

What can you do today to be more creative and curious about the world around you? 

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If you’re feeling kind of flat in your life and have lost your sense of purpose, then jump aboard and join me! The more the merrier. 

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