Highlight Your Talents When Looking for Work

To stand out in a sea of applicants (of which there are many!) it is important that you know what you’re good at, what you have to offer a potential employer and how your talents are going to make a difference in that organization.

Knowing your greatest strengths is the key to positioning yourself for that next job AND being able to articulate your greatest talents to a potential employer will set you apart from the competition. 

(If you don’t know what your strengths are, that’s okay. It’s sometimes hard to see our own stuff. This is why I recommend StrengthsFinder and include it in my 90 day programs for my clients.)

Craft Messages That Demonstrate Your Talents

Start by asking yourself these three questions:

  • What are your greatest strengths and talents? 
  • How have you used them in the past to solve problems for previous employers? 
  • How have your strengths and talents improved a process, increased revenue, grew awareness, raised funds or contributed to the bottom line? Hint - numbers and timelines are helpful. (If you don’t have numbers to prove your impact, tell compelling (and true) stories that highlight how you made a difference.)

Incorporate your strengths into the messages you tell potential employers (on your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters and in your interviews) and weave in the stories that demonstrate how your greatest strengths made an impact for previous employers. 

For example: “My greatest talent is cultivating genuine relationships to build brand loyalty and increase sales and customer retention, and in using those skills I was able to raise the annual revenue at my previous job by over 110% in a three year period.”

Because of {my greatest talent}, my work had {this impact} on my previous employer. 

Now you try. Let me know how it goes!