Choose What Feels Like Love

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, and the kids are going back to school. The air is getting crisp, and for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, the rain is coming back. 

I’m sitting here this Monday morning enjoying a latte and thinking of you.

With a New Season Comes Change

My father always says, “Darling, the only thing constant in this life is change.”

And my friends, the new season is coming. Fall is upon us. Change is at our doorstep.

It’s transition time. 

And transition times can be juicy, and delicious times for soul work. But they can be challenging, too. In fact, this is when STUFF often arises. 

In the gap between the old and the new, the warm and the cool, and the light and the dark…we can feel a little uneasy, a little uncertain, and a little inquisitive. 

We can start to question things in our lives - patterns, routines, choices, and plans. 

Questions like, “What am I doing with my life?” “What’s the point of all this?” and “Where’s the meaning?” are likely to arise. 

Those kinds of questions beg for BIG answers, and when BIG questions like these come stalking, it can be a good time to simplify. 

Simplifying in response to the BIG questions might seem counterproductive, but I promise, it’s exactly what you need to do. 

Slow Waaaayyyyy Down

When you ask yourself, “Where’s the meaning?” It’s a sign you need to slow it WAAAAYYYYY down. 

When you say, “What’s the point of all this?” You need to take a break from your thinking mind. 

Pause the motion. Stop the wheel. Notice. 

Pay attention to what feels like love. What feels like light? What feels like warmth? What feels like a deep, deep breath?

Choose THAT. 

Choose what feels like love in your work, in your home, in your relationships, and in your body. Choose what feels like love in your search for meaningful and rewarding work. 

Pause for a moment. Or two. 

What would feel like love right now? 

Maybe it’s a bath. Maybe it’s a warm latte. Maybe it’s a text to your best friend telling her you love her. Maybe it’s a call to your mom. Maybe it’s a walk with your dog. 

Making this choice might mean that you have to let go of expectations. Choosing the path of love and light might mean that you have to take the high road. 

In fact, the choice that feels like love and light might be the scarier and harder choice. It might mean more sacrifice, and it might require more courage. But the rewards will be soooooo much greater. 

In the aftermath of choosing love in your work and your personal life you will find the meaning, and the rewards you so crave. 

And in THAT space will come the answers you so desperately seek. 

So choose love. In everything you do. 

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