How to Position Yourself for More in Your Career

In order to increase your value in the marketplace and position yourself for more in your career, it’s imperative that you look for opportunities to take things to the next level. In doing so you can earn more, get more flexibility and freedom, and find greater success and joy in your work. 

Here are 10 things you can do right now so that you’re building a career that works for you and taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way. 

Sit at the Table

Studies show that women will often sit in the back of a room, along the wall or in the corner in a meeting. This is an act that literally positions you away from achieving more. So take a seat at the table and…

Raise Your Hand

It has been shown that men are more likely to speak up in meetings than women, so ladies please raise your hands and contribute thoughtful dialogue or solutions to the problems. Don’t be afraid to…

Take Risks

More women graduate from college than men now, but when they hit the workforce they are typically less likely to take risks in their career. In fact men are more willing to apply for positions they aren’t qualified for and volunteer for projects they’ve never done. The outcome is that "men and women with professional degrees begin with similar salaries, but within the first five years of employment, men's wages surpass women's wages."

Say “Yes”

Say “yes” to applying to that job, asking to spearhead a project, or taking on a leadership role, even if you feel slightly less than fully qualified. 

Notice Opportunities and Threats for Your Employer

Opportunities and threats are endless for your employer and they have hired you for a reason — to help them take advantage of opportunity and navigate potential or real threats to success. So, do it. Speak up when something just doesn’t seem right or when you see a missed opportunity on the horizon. 

Grow Your Network

Your network IS your net worth. The world is built on relationships and you, my friend, will need friends to get ahead. So make them genuinely and sincerely to become a better leader, employee or manager in your company. Trust me, it will pay off to know people in high and low places, and all places in-between. 

Increase Your Strategic Business Acumen and Insights Into your Industry

Becoming a better businesswoman, expert and leader in your field will elevate your earning potential significantly because if you’re the only one (or one of few) who can do your job, then you can negotiate a higher price for your work. 

Develop Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is the collective you — your experiences, education, passions, style, personality, etc that makes up who YOU are. Refine your personal brand to reflect the kind of work you seek and to position yourself as a leader in your field. 

Be a Leader

Leaders know how to make other people look good, work hard and do a good job — outcomes every organization wants for its employees. Become known as a leader in your field either through action (developing people or projects) or through thought (publishing, speaking or writing) to become a person of influence (i.e., more valuable in the marketplace). 

Negotiate Your Compensation Package

Finally, look for opportunities to negotiate your pay and title whenever you take a new job, receive a performance review, get a promotion. take on more responsibility, move into management, or when your direct supervisor leaves or gets promoted. 

Yes, elevating your value in the marketplace requires you to consistently manage career opportunities as they arise — not an easy task. And I haven’t even touched on the gender biases and discriminations that come into play when a woman negotiates. But the way I see it is this — there is only person you can control in life…so do a good job of taking care of YOU first and mange those external factors as they come.

How have you positioned yourself for more in your career? Please share in the comments below!