8 Apps and Tools Every Professional Woman Needs

The truth is obvious. You live in a fast-paced environment where 'being busy' is a status symbol and running a tight ship is a key to your success. In order to keep all your ducks in a row and manage the day-to-day experience of being a modern professional, you need all the help you can get. This is where technology can be SUPER helpful. 

I did a quick count of my favorite tools and a survey of my inner network to find out what smart, successful women are using to keep their sanity and here is what we came up with:

1. iCal or Google Calendar

I literally could not live without my iCal synced to my Google Calendar. This is an absolute life saver. I have my iCalendar on my iPhone synced to Google Calendar on my laptop so that I can schedule appointments on the go and access them anywhere. I can even share my calendar with select people who need to know when I'm available and where I'll be. 

2. LinkedIn App

When I'm socializing with a friend or networking and I'm constantly needing to look up a professional in my network for up-to-date information. The LinkedIn app is fantastic for having the latest details on my network at my fingertips. 

3. The Skimm

Okay, if there's one thing you do. Subscribe to The Skimm today. A couple of brainy ladies founded this startup that sends the news directly to your inbox each day in a format that is easy and hilarious to read. As one of the many clever ways The Skimm entertains the news, they refer to the Supreme Court as the 'Supremes' and Hillary Clinton as 'Hillz.'

And if that wasn't enough, they just launched a killer app called Skimm Ahead that syncs important, news-worthy dates straight to your iCal so that you'll never forget to buy mom a Mother's Day gift again or miss the season premier of Game of Thrones! 

4. MM.LaFleur

MM.LaFleur is a clothing store that saves you time by taking the work out of dressing for work. They will mail you a bento box of polished, professional clothes customized for your size and style. Keep what you like and send back the rest. 

What's in a Bento? A selection of four to six professional wardrobe staples
that will fit you to a T. Each box is hand-selected for you based on your style and fit preferences. Prices range from $110 for a chic work top to $295 for a statement dress.

5. Proposify

For those of you running your own business, Proposify offers a simple way to deliver winning proposals to your clients. With gorgeous templates and digital signature options this is a great way to process new clients faster for the woman on the go. 

6. Stand-Up (The Work Break Timer)

It's no secret that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is slowly killing us all so use this hand-dandy stand-up app to remind you to take breaks from your desk. Do your body a favor and download it today. 

7. Freshbooks

I use Freshbooks to manage my accounting and track my time. This online cloud storage and smartphone app is fantastic for invoicing clients, getting paid and tracking your books from your laptop to your phone. 

8. Snapchat

Yes, I'm including Snapchat in this list because it is sooooo the right way to go for the smart, savvy professional woman. Let's face it, no one wants to see all the photos of your vacation or every cute baby photo you ever took posted on Facebook or Instagram (in fact, it's considered passe' to do this and not to mention annoying) so spare us all by using Snapchat instead.

In addition, as your professional network grows so does your count of Facebook friends that probably don't need to see you in a bikini sipping a mai thai on the beach. 

Snapchat allows you to send photos directly to friends in a fun and engaging way or to create a story that only friends who have added you can access. In this way, you're really saving yourself time and managing your personal brand by sending select photos to select people who really give a hoot. 

What tools and apps do you use to make your day easier to manage?