Do You Feel Paralyzed by Your Circumstances?

Last year I spoke to hundreds of professional women from around the globe who are inspired to find more fulfilling work, up-level their leadership skills and become a strong female leader. 

Many of the women I speak with feel paralyzed by their circumstances —  “I can’t earn money doing what I love, but I hate what I’m doing; I can’t walk away from this career I’ve worked so hard to build even though it’s killing my soul; I don’t have enough time to find a new job because I’m so busy at this one that I hate; If I go back to school, I’m going to be in a lot of debt, but I need more education to do what I want to do.”

When you feel trapped by your situation, the first step is to connect with the possibilities available to you. In order to do that you need to get out of your fear-based mind and into your higher self. As a first step to freeing yourself from feeling stuck ask yourself these questions:

How can you best connect to spirit and your higher self?
Do you notice a difference in your body when you feel connected? (A greater sense of hope and possibility, perhaps?)
What possibilities and options do you feel are available to you when you're in this state of higher self?
Are there small steps you can take towards feeling free from your circumstances?
What can you do right now to create movement in your situation?

Follow the signs, tune into your intuition, and act on your inner guidance and insight. 

And remember, these tools are also available to you, right now exactly where you are. Even when everything feels frozen, you always have a choice and action is the antidote to fear.