Band Together To Combat Discrimination, Harassment and Inequality at Work

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other." ~ Madeleine Albright

Hey girl! Help a sister out.

The boys club has been doing it for years. Men at work give out favors all the time. They promote their male colleagues over their female colleagues. They give their bros raises and slaps on the back for a job well done.

So why, oh why, aren’t you doing the same thing for your sisters at work?

If a woman applies for the job give it to her.

If a woman asks for a raise, fight for her to get it (even teach her how to negotiate if you have to, I’ve done that!).

If a woman needs something, find a way to help her. Go out of your way.

The boys aren’t likely to help us (particularly the ones in power who feel threatened and don’t want to let it go), so we must help ourselves.

Band together, help your female colleagues out and we’ll be so much stronger.

Here are some other ways you might help a sister friend or colleague out at work, in the office or professionally:

  • Adopt an amplification strategy in your office where you repeat what a woman says in a meeting and give her the credit for it before a man says it and takes away her credit.

  • Promote, hire and give raises to women.

  • Give the women on your team high profile projects, assignments or opportunities to grow.

  • Help your sisters who need mentorship, connections and resources (don’t have much time -- here are some tips).

  • Give LinkedIn recommendations, internships, apprenticeships to women.

  • Donate your money to nonprofits dedicated to helping women.

  • Form a women’s club at your company for the women in your organization or department (invite in guest speakers, host workshops or cocktail hours to support leadership development).

  • Stop judging other women based on appearances, whether she is married or not, has children or not.

  • Talk about the lack of female leadership in your company (if it exists, which I bet it does  -- shed some light on it).

  • Make a formal complaint about insufficient maternity leave and resources for working moms/parents. Draw attention to any motherhood penalty you see.

  • Ask for a pay gap assessment to be done at your company.

  • Help your female employees and colleagues negotiate their raises, encourage them to sit at the table, speak up and advocate for themselves.

  • Advocate for your company to send the women in your office to a women’s leadership or professional development event for women (like the Superwoman Summit).

  • Vote for women who run for local, state and federal office.

How are you going to help your female colleagues out so that more women rise to positions of power in your organization or industry?