2017 Word Of The Year: Feminism

Today I'm grateful. 

I'm grateful that a child molester, rapist and sexual predator did not get elected to the Senate seat in Alabama. (I know, I know...moving on)

I'm grateful that a few of my friends were lucky enough to see Hillary Clinton speak last night on her book tour stop in Portland, Oregon and that Meg Murray's Nasty Woman Wines were poured at the event. Yay women!

I'm grateful that feminism is Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2017. Education is key!

I'm grateful to learn that since Hillary ran for President, women are coming out in droves to run for local, state and federal office. YES!

I'm grateful for groups like Emily's ListBird Girl Industries and She Should Run for helping get more women in political positions. We all need to work together!

I'm grateful that last month Virginia elected its first transgender woman to the state legislature. Fantastic! 

I'm grateful that we've already sold over 20 tickets for next year's Superwoman SummitThe event was so awesome, attendees from this year bought tickets on the spot for next year. 

I'm grateful that I have over 10 requests in my inbox from women who want to start Superwoman Societies in their town (a project I'm working on for 2018). Stay tuned! 

And tonight I'm soooo grateful for all the women in Portland, Oregon who've decided to join me for a little holiday celebration of the Superwoman Society (tickets are on sale until 2pm PST today). Don't forget your ornament! 

Finally, I'm grateful for you. 

Thank you for dedicating your time, energy and resources to our mission to empower women. Thank you for being a part of this community. Thank you for trusting me to be a guide along the way.