Add This One Thing to Your New Year's Resolution

This new year as you set your resolutions for a successful and prosperous 2018, I invite you to do this one thing: find the joy in it. 

In every resolution you set, and for every goal you write down, I want you to find one way you can invite more play, beauty and creativity into the process. 

Want to lose more weight? What kind of physical activity sounds fun to you? 

Want to write that book? How can you make the process more beautiful and inviting? Perhaps you download and write in Omm Writer

Want to take up a meditation practice? Maybe you can subscribe to Aaptiv so that you have guided meditations along the way for support. 

Want to eat more greens? Here's a suggestion: Get a good blender and follow Simple Green Smoothies to make it more fun (and tasty!)

In whatever you decide you want to accomplish for the new year...find a way to make it more fun, more playful and more joyful.

Ask yourself, "What can I do to make this feel less like work and more like play?"

You'll stick with it longer and be more successful as a result. I promise. 

Happy New Year!