Don't Let Confidence Stand In Your Way to Earning Equal Pay

On Sunday I watched the Super Bowl and while I lamented the loss of the Falcons, I celebrated Audi's commercial advocating equal pay for women, much like this Secret deodorant commercial from last year. 

I'm emboldened by corporations that see the competitive advantage to equal pay and opportunity for women. When the average woman makes about 54 to 78 cents to the dollar every man earns depending on her race, industry and job title, corporations must get behind their female employees.

While there is debate over the accuracy of pay gap statistics, it still holds true in my work that most women are scared to negotiate their salary and state confidence as one of the biggest obstacles. 

This is why I teach salary negotiation in a way that's accessible for women and allows them to tap into their natural feminine strengths and talents. When women come to my workshops, they report salary increases within one week of $5,000 to $10,000. They report an increase in confidence and a better understanding of how to prepare for negotiation conversations. The skills I teach also come in handy for negotiating anything in life. 

This is why I'm hosting a negotiation intensive sponsored by Umpqua Bank on Feb. 22. I've extended the early bird price and a portion of the proceeds are going to support Bradley Angle (a nonprofit dedicated to the domestic violence abuse victims). 

Register today and empower yourself with everything you need to get equal pay and equal opportunity at your job.