Superwoman Rules for Getting Unstuck

At work and in business, there often comes a time when there is not an easy solution available to you. 

A time when despite your best efforts, you can’t get someone to listen. 

A time when you repeatedly get looked over for a promotion. 

A time when you are constantly interrupted, mansplained to, discriminated against or held back. 

A time when all your potential clients say no. 

A time when your event doesn’t sell out. 

A time when you can’t find that job that you’ve been seeking. 

Whatever the situation is....when that happens, I invite you to be the change you most want to see in your life, others and the world around you. 

If there is no easy solution available and it feels hard and you feel stuck, how can you be the change you want to see in the world? 

How can you resonate with the energy of the thing you want most? 

Can you lay the bricks for a better pathway? Can you pave a new way for the people coming up behind you? 

Can you challenge the status quo by embodying the thing you most want to see and experience? 

How can you keep your energy clean in this moment? Clean as in clear, light, spotless, untarnished, uncontaminated, and pristine. Clean, as in you feel whole and complete in your decisions, your boundaries, your standards. 

Here are more things to think about to breathe new light into the problem and to get more clean about it. I encourage you to pick the ones that most resonate with you and your situation, and try them out. 

1. Live in Integrity

How are you in integrity in this situation? Are you in alignment with your integrity? 

Integrity is a state of being whole. What is required for you to feel whole in this situation? What do you need to in this situation to live in and from your integrity?

2. Find Your Values

What do you value most? Are you in alignment with your values in this situation? 

Values are the things we hold dear. The principles that make up our integrity. What do you need to do differently in this situation to align with your values?

3. Write Your Own Rules

If you could write your own rules in this situation, what would it look like? 

Throw out the old programming and scrap the outdated code -- how can you write your own script for this problem?

4. Shift the Energy

What can you do to shift the energy around this problem? Can you shift your mindset? Where can you get creative? Sometimes, you just need to breathe new life into a situation to find the solution and the possibility you couldn’t see before.

5. Play

What can you do to feel more playful in this situation? 

The experience of play engages your creative mind and when your creative mind is engaged, you are of an abundant mindset that opportunities are unlimited and solutions are abundant. It’s true -- you cannot be creative if you are coming from a place of lack, scarcity and competition.

6. Invite Others In

Can you invite in collaborators, partners, and community to build on this idea, to expand on this problem, and to breathe new light into it? 

This is where your people come in. Email your trusted network. Call your coach. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Invite in support. It’s amazing how this alone can loosen the knots of a stuck situation. 

7. Make it Beautiful

Can you make this more beautiful? Start first by finding what you think is beautiful and wrap that beauty into your solution. 

What do you need to do in this moment to make this situation prettier, funnier, more poetic, more feminine? How can you soften the edges and infuse light into it? 

8. Find Joy

What is the path towards your greatest joy? Where is the path of least resistance to allow you to feel love, happiness and freedom?

Take a deep cleansing breath. Close your eyes. Can you walk down the path of your most fun? Find the joy in this experience. 

9. Work with Spirit

How do you invite the divine, your source, your guidance system, your God, your religion into this for greater, deeper collaboration with spirit?

However your connection to source energy presents itself ask it for support, collaboration, signs, resources and guidance. 

10. Lead Yourself and Others

Can you be the leader you want to see in the world? How can you embody the kind of leadership you crave? 

A great leader leads up, down and horizontally. What do you need to do in this moment to be a great leader to yourself and to the others around you?

11. Tap the Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is, among many things, intuitive, receptive, beautiful, compassionate, creative, curious, kind and warm. How can you invite her, and the parts of you that are her, into this situation for greater ease, clarity and flow? 

On the other hand, masculine energy is action oriented, rational, structured in reason. 

When the feminine energy inside you is combined with the masculine energy inside you, you can receive and give at the same time, you can be creative and act at the same time, you can be curious and decisive at the same time, and you can tap your intuition and reason to make solid decisions. 


Feeling stuck is an illusion. You have many choices, small and large available to you -- what will you choose to do differently?

Might you then find a release of energy. Perhaps you’ll find relief from feeling stuck. And in doing so, may you find your next move.

“Quiet friend who has come so far, feel how your breathing makes more space around you. Let this darkness be a bell tower and you the bell. As you ring, what batters you becomes your strength.” ~ Rilke