Have the Courage to Let Yourself Be Seen

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” ~ Brene Brown

As my business grows, I feel called to make it more beautiful, more poetic, and more divine. As a result you might have noticed, The Superwoman Project is getting a beauty makeover.

I also feel called to translate what is inside of me to the outside world. I feel compelled to express my truth, inspire change and teach what it means to be truly empowered by honoring my greatest truths and letting myself be seen. As a result, I'm going to be talking more about my own life in service of this work on all the stages from which I speak. 

And because this work is personal, you're going to see more transparency and authenticity from me. I hope my truth inspires you and resonates. If it doesn't that's okay, and I wish you the best on your journey. You can unsubscribe without hurting my feelings at anytime. 

I'm also working hard behind the scenes building online courses, retreats and podcast episodes to teach you what I know, connect you and empower you. So I hope you'll stay tuned for that as well. Not to mention, there is The First Annual Superwoman Summit to plan (no biggie;)). 

As a result of all this creation, I'm taking on fewer private coaching clients in devotion of this creative time. 

While advertisers and corporations are out there profiting on the women's equality movement and the new wave of feminism, my connection to this work is driven by a calling within me that I cannot ignore. 

This is a place for you to learn, grow and connect in a way that is authentic, generous and true to the feminine perspective and your greatest potential as a woman. I will not exploit your challenges for profit, but instead I will use my superpowers for good and to be of service to you. 

You will not find a magic bullet here. Instead I will invite you to grow and build upon the knowledge and intuition you already have inside of you to solve your own greatest problems at work, in leadership and in business. I will also help to train you on what I have seen work for me, my clients and my community. 

Will you join me in a revolution to make work more equal for every individual who identifies as a woman? Will you help me make leadership opportunities more available to all women? Will you join me in helping yourself feel more empowered, more connected and more resourced so that you can be happy and attain your desires?