Eight Years Ago I Had a Vision to Host an Event for Women

Eight years ago I had a vision -- I would someday create a powerful event to support the advancement of women.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was driving through the plains of Northern California just outside Mt. Shasta. The view was expansive, with the great snow-capped mountain off in the distance. It was 2009 and I was in the midst of my darkest time. However, as I drove through this magnificent wilderness, I felt more alive than ever. I felt powerful.

That's when it hit me...

My story -- all the adventures, challenges and learning I had experienced -- was going to mean something someday. My experience of growing up being told to act a certain way because I was a woman, to make myself likable because I was a woman, to defer to a man because I was a woman had to mean something.

The abuse I had witnessed, the oppression I had experienced, the programming I had been given, and the chains I felt were finally breaking. 

Then came an idea that would entice me for over eight years -- that someday I would create an empowering experience to help other women find their way. 

I went on to spend a large part of the last decade learning as much as I could about women's empowerment. I became a certified yoga instructor, a certified life-coach, and I volunteered for nonprofits dedicated to empowering women, reading everything I could get my hands on about how to support the advancement of women. 

My colleagues in graduate school were probably sick of it -- I dedicated every project, every paper and every activity to learning about the empowerment of women. I studied organizations like Women for Women International, World Pulse, Girls Inc., Dress for Success, Mercy Corps, and more. 

When I took a job running an organization dedicated to advancing the careers of people in Oregon, I kept my calling in my back pocket. I hid away business cards of people I thought could help me carry out my mission one day. I talked about my vision to empower women to anyone who sounded interested. Iwaited patiently for the right time. 

This idea lit me up, gave me purpose and inspired me like nothing else in the world. It felt like it was truly calling me. 

In 2015, I quit my corporate job to start my own business. I doubted myself. I questioned my calling -- "Who am I to do this work?"  "Who do I think I am to be a leader for women?" -- and I pursued other, safer options as a business. I consulted, I coached people on their careers, I taught marketing at the university, and I trained people in social media. I did pretty much anything anyone would pay me to do. 

Then one year ago I had a massive realization -- I can't avoid my calling anymore. If people hate it. If people judge me for it. If people criticize me. If people unfollow me and write me angry letters. I can't not do this work. 

If I lose friends. If I upset my family. If I lose all my money and my home. I couldn't not do this work anymore. 

A few months later I launched The Superwoman Project, and I hit my rock bottom -- that moment when all your shit gets lit up.

My fears hit me hard and my money was running out. Doing the thing I felt called to do felt painfully hard, so I prayed. I had a good, old-fashioned kneeling prayer at the side of my bed. Because I'm not religious, I prayed to anything that would listen. I asked for help from the universe. I begged for a sign that I was on the right path. 

The very next day my prayer was answered in a BIG way. 

I was on my way from Portland to speak at a conference in Ohio, when I sat next to a 70 year-old man on the plane. He was wearing Ohio State garb from head to toe. I was busy journaling and worrying, on the verge of tears in my window seat, when he reached over and grabbed my hand and said:

"I don't mean to intrude, but I have to tell you that whatever you're doing over there, God wants you to do this work. I feel compelled to tell you that it's not a coincidence that I sat next to you today. You must do whatever you're doing because God wants you to do it."

I was stunned. Just 12 hours earlier, I'd asked for a sign and here it was quite literally speaking to me. 

I spent the next two hours sharing my story with this man who turned out to be a preacher from rural Ohio (yes, a preacher!). He gave me a spiritual pep talk like nothing I've ever experienced. I could hardly believe what was happening. 

After we got off the plane, I never saw him again.

That man from Ohio gave me what I prayed for -- the sign I needed to keep going and I haven't stopped since. That weekend, I also met the love of my life in Ohio (I know, it feels crazy to even tell you all of this, but you can't make this shit up!).

That weekend I also hired someone as my business coach who believed in me and encouraged me in ways that I never knew were possible. 

A few months later, I launched that idea I'd been dreaming of for almost an entire decade. That idea is The Superwoman Summit.

That idea is to put women in power. That idea is to make the world a better place by giving women a voice. That idea is to be the kind of leader I want other women to be -- strong, gracious, wise and empowered even when we're terrified, overwhelmed and vulnerable. 

I believe this work is the most important issue of our time. 

I believe all else will find solutions when equal representation exists at the top in politics, the board room, corporations, nonprofits, foundations, and business. 

I believe in you. 

Will you join me?

It won't be perfect.

Just like anything new we create in the world, goodness knows that The First Annual Superwoman Summit will have it's challenges. These things always do and you can't please everyone. BUT I want you there to collaborate on this with me. Create this experience with me. Be a part of this with me. I want what only you can bring to the conversation. 

Be brave.

Join the revolution to bring women to power. Give it a chance and let's see what YOU create from this. 

Register for The Superwoman Summit today. Early bird ticket price expires tomorrow at midnight.