You Could Be The One Everyone is Waiting For

“It often takes just a single brave person to change the trajectory of a family, or of any system, for that matter." ~ Brene Brown

Let's face it -- there are a lot of challenges you as a woman might come up against in the workplace. 

The lack of paid maternity leave, flexible work hours, daycare options, pathways to leadership, supportive mentors, knowledge, resources and community are just a few examples. 

Discrimination, harassment and aggressions exist. Your gender, race, age, and sexual orientation are just some of the many reasons you could be facing challenges in your professional life. 

BUT you get to choose how you respond to that. 

You can complain about it and do nothing day after day, waiting for someone else to do the thing.

Or you can be brave. 

You can be the courageous one who stands in integrity and speaks truth.

You can be the one who negotiates equal compensation in your workplace, paving the way for other women who come behind you.

You can be the one to say this is not okay.

You can be the one to take a stand against unjust behavior. 

You can live in the dark, or you can shed some light on it. Your choice. 

But I hope you choose to do the work. I hope you choose to remain in your integrity. I hope you choose to be brave. 

In your bravery, you could be the one person to change the trajectory of your workplace. You could be the one everyone is waiting on to do the thing no one wants to do. 

Be the leader you want to see more of in the world. 

Yes you.

Shine bright like a diamond.

Everyone is waiting.