The Practice of Power

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." ~ Lao Tzu

Not all of you aspire to be the CEO of a big company or to run for office. 

You might not even want to be a leader. 

Instead, you might feel called to heal others, to write a book or start a potato chip company (I seriously met a woman who had this dream). 

And that's okay! In fact, that's brilliant! I love potato chips! 

No matter what you aspire to do in life, I want you to be in a position of power. 

To be in a position of power is to feel emotionally, psychologically and physically capable. It is to feel confident and in integrity.

To be in a position of power is to feel empowered.

But what about when you just don't feel it? 

I don't know about you, but I don't always feel so empowered. In fact, it's a constant practice to work on my power. 

Sometimes I get sick, I get down and I get frustrated. 

I cry to my coaches and my mentors (yes, I have several). "I teach this stuff...and it's still so hard! Who am I to teach this work if I can't even get it!"

Of course, I always catch myself. This stuff is a practice -- something I have to remind myself of over and over.

There will be shitty times. And despite your best intent to remain in a state of feeling good, you will experience contrast to that and you will have to course correct. 

In these times I pause to get re-centered, to nourish the part of me that doesn't feel so good and to reconnect with my power. 

So what is real power?

Real power isn't about your ability to control others, in fact it isn't about the external world much at all. 

You see, power isn't about your position in relation to others, it's about the extent to which you utilize your potential energy.  

The kind of power I'm referring to is about what's on the inside -- an internal power or life force that limits the authority of the physical world over your life, body, health, mind and spirit. 

That's the kind of power I envision for you. 

The kind that breaks the chains of resistance so that you can do the thing you want to do, say the thing you want to say, act the way you want to act -- the kind of power that empowers you to be the kind of woman who doesn't stand for the bullshit anymore...

The bullshit that says women aren't worthy enough, aren't capable enough, aren't smart enough, aren't strong enough.

The bullshit that says a woman can't have children and a career at the same time.

The bullshit that pays us less than a man.

The bullshit that harrasses us and diminishes our intellect.

When you feel empowered from the inside out -- not from your status, your wealth, your riches or your beauty -- you will truly be in power. You will knowreal power

And a woman in power is a force. 

A woman truly in her power does not need to manipulate others, hide her truth, or put on a mask. 

A woman in her power has tapped into a force greater than her own -- a divine intention. A woman in her power has the grace to follow her heart when times are tough.

A woman who is truly in her power has the vision, determination, and strength to act. 

She is vulnerable and strong at the same time. 

A woman in her power doesn't stand for the bullshit. She stands up against aggression, speaks her truth, and has high standards for how she expects to be treated at work and in relationship to others. 

Remember though that being in your power is a daily practice.

It doesn't mean that contrasting experiences won't exist -- it just means you don't get mowed over by them. You take them in stride. You handle it a little bit better than you did the day before. 

And when you fail -- when you lose your way -- know that, that too, is part of the practice of power.

The wisdom to do the work, the grace to act, and the love that comes from within -- that is the source of true power.

And when you fall from your horse, you're not alone. I fall. all. the. time. 

I just keep getting back up. And I want you to, too.

Get back on the horse, girl. 

Even when it hurts like hell. Get back on the horse. 

We need you out there. We need you in your beautiful, raw power unapolagetically, vulnerably, and gracefully. Even if you feel clumsy at times. Even if it's hard. Even when it hurts. 

Get back out there and keep up the work.

Practice your power.

And by the way, know that I'm doing the work everyday right along with you -- unapologetically, vulnerably and, at times, clumsy -- but with all the courage I can muster.