Who's YOUR Enemy?

“Today is the day to break free from the prison of the person you know yourself to be and step into a self you have yet to know. Will it be comfortable? No, but do it anyway." ~ Debbi Ford

I've spoke to hundreds of women about their professional, creative and leadership endeavors and there are always three big things standing in their way to claiming their true power and going after their dreams -- fear, doubt and confusion. 

Fear, doubt and confusion are like three horsemen blocking your path to freedom, joy and light. 

Confusion's skill is to make you feel paralyzed. 

Doubt makes you second guess your worthiness, ability and confidence. 

And fear fills you with an anxiety in your chest and belly so big you can't focus on anything else but trying to breathe. 

In order to truly transform your life, achieve your dreams and become the woman you want to be, you're going to have to battle these horsemen to find the clarity, strength and power you need to succeed. 

And the battle can be fierce. 

These three horsemen have all sorts of tactics to make you turnaround. 

Fear and doubt work together with a one-two punch. First fear screams, "You're not worthy, you're not capable, you'll never make it! Who do you think you are!"

Then doubt whispers stories in your ear about why this is true. 

"Remember that time in sixth grade when everyone laughed at your project? Yeah, that will happen again. 

Your dad said you were never good enough, and he's probably right. 

You fail at everything you do, so why do you think this time it will work?"

And on and on they go until they've convinced you it's too scary to proceed. 

In fact, fear and doubt know your deepest insecurities and they feed on them, using them as leverage to get you to turn around. They are tricky bastards, those two. 

And if you're strong, courageous and determined enough to make it past fear and doubt, confusion is waiting on the other side. 

Confusion is a real jerk. He knows you have a drive in your heart and a calling in your soul, and he uses that against you by showing you all the different ways you could do the thing you want to do. 

Confusion says, "Well you could follow your dream to help empower women or you could do something safer like get an MBA. You could start a business as a coach or work for a nonprofit. There are so many options and ways to go, so you should stay open to everything! Don't commit to any one thing, keep your options open!"

Confusion gives you so much information that you are paralyzed and cannot see the road ahead. In fact confusion's favorite slogan is "keep your options open."

Ugh. I hate confusion. 

To get past confusion, you have to make a choice and act on it. You have to be willing to take imperfect action and move forward. Make the best choice you can with the information you have.

Action is the weapon to fight against confusion.

Act knowing it won't be perfect. Move towards the light and towards what feels like freedom. Stay focused on what feels like love. And confusion will reluctantly step aside. 

And giiiirl, battling these three horseman requires you to be a warrior. And a warrior is brave, she has courage and she uses her weapons to her advantage.

She has a sword to cut through to the truth and a shield to protect her from the enemy. With these tools, she is discerning. She is fierce. She is powerful. 

She stays the course. 

She is committed to acting and moving forward. She uses all the resources available to her to battle her way ahead.

Even fear, doubt and confusion can't keep her from achieving her dreams because she knows that on the other side is a freedom so beautiful, so lovely, and so bright. 

On the other side is light. On the other side is real living. On the other side is a breath so big she finally knows what breathing is supposed to feel like.

So pick up your sword, strap on your shield and go to battle. Everyday if you have to.

I'll be fighting with you and waiting for you on the other side, and so will all your sister warriors. 

With fierce love girl. You got this.

This is what true power looks like. Now go and be powerful. (And kick confusion in the butt for me;))