I Was Broke, In Debt, 30 Pounds Overweight, Lonely and Afraid...

"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us." ~ Joseph Campbell

Exactly one year ago, I attended a three day workshop for coaches, healers and agents of social change. 

This was just one of many workshops, events, bootcamps, and coaching programs I had invested in since I started my business. "How can this one be any different?" I thought to myself. "How can this workshop teach me anything I don't already know about entrepreneurship?"

With my master's degree in marketing, my training as a yoga teacher, and my life coach certification (which was intensive!), I was pretty sure I had little to learn that could change my situation. 

My situation was that I was broke, tens of thousands of dollars in debt, 30 lbs overweight, lonely and afraid. I wasn't sure how I was going to pay the mortgage on my house. I didn't know if I could keep my business afloat long enough for it to gain traction, and I was doubting myself something fierce. 

But because I had nothing to lose and already felt like I'd lost everything, I showed up in my full vulnerability -- tearful, honest and eager for help. 

The name of that workshop is Awaken Your Practice and the woman leading it was Andrea Leda (there is another one happening THIS weekend). 

I raised my hand in the very first session on the very first day and said, "I don't think I have any limiting beliefs standing in my way, but I'm sure this has to be my problem (because the current strategy running my business isn't working), so please show me where I'm wrong." 

Andrea rose to the challenge. 

What happened over the next three days was divine. 

I learned that what was getting in my way was not my lack of knowledge around strategy, marketing and sales. A strong undercurrent of limiting beliefs and fear stood in my way. I didn't feel worthy of the work I felt called to do and it was literally making me sick. 

I learned that I had to walk through the fire if I was going to make it in this work -- my calling to empower women that I felt so deep in my heart. 

At the end of the three days, Andrea pulled me aside and said something I'll never forget: 

"I believe you are so much more powerful than you are giving yourself credit for. I believe you can do so much more for women than you are currently doing. I believe you are more than capable of doing this work you feel called to do. What is it going to take for you to believe it, too?"

My jaw dropped. That kind of brutal honesty was the kick in the pants I needed to believe...

To believe that the most important thing you can do to serve your dreams, your creative endeavors and the work you feel called to do is to do the inner work on yourself first. You can only take your business as far as you've taken yourself. 

Looking back on the workbook from that Awaken Your Practice one year ago, I found this journal entry I wrote during one of our exercises. 

The question was:
"How would your life flow if you believed that your inner guidance was gentle and kind, and that people were sending you love wherever you went and that you yourself broadcast a beam of love like a circle around you to everyone?"

I wrote: 
"I'd believe that I'll be fine if I sell my house to pay my bills. That the universe will provide for me a lovely place to live, a community of neighbors, a dog park and/or fenced in yard for my dog, Zoey, and more love of home than I have today. My life would be so much easier. I'd just be myself. I'd make the decisions I know I'm meant to make. I'd believe that my business will grow and support me and that I cannot fail. I'd walk around the world feeling love and warmth in my heart."

After the workshop, I invested in a one-on-one intensive coaching program with Andrea that changed the trajectory of my life and my business. It's been one year since we started our work together and here's what has changed. 

Fast forward to today...

Today I'm selling my house without fear, and using that money to pay down the debt I incurred since I started my business.

I now live in a lovely turn-of-the-century home with a fenced in yard, next to a park with three miles of trails and I love it. 

I am celebrating one year since I met the love of my life (yes this happened the same week I went to this workshop!). We're going to Vancouver to honor our anniversary this week. We have the kind of loving relationship I always hoped was possible, but wasn't sure existed. 

I've lost 15 pounds and feel stronger than I've felt in years. 

I now feel the freedom to be more of myself than ever before -- authentic, raw, honest me -- in my relationship, business and personal life. I make decisions unapologetically, knowing that my inner guidance is serving my highest and best self.

My business is thriving and supporting me now more than ever, and I believe unconditionally in my ability to honor my calling to support women. 

This is what is possible when you do the work -- when you lay down the strategies that are no longer serving you and do the inner work of finding alignment, connecting to your higher self, trusting in the divine and believing in your intuition. 

Anything is possible. 

So let me ask you:

"How would your life flow if you believed that your inner guidance was gentle and kind, and that people were sending you love wherever you went and that you yourself broadcast a beam of love like a circle around you to everyone?"

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