The Superwoman Summit 2017

As you know, we're working up to a pretty massive milestone here at The Superwoman Project -- The First Annual Superwoman Summit.

This year is the inaugural event to what will be a yearly multi-level experience in community building, learning and growth. Attendees, volunteers and speakers at the Superwoman Summit are all getting a unique experience that will expand and build in the years to come. 

The Call

When I first put out the call for speakers to join me in this huge undertaking, I wasn't sure how it would go.

At the time, I didn't realize the power of what I was creating and how big this thing would get. I sent out about 50 emails to trusted colleagues who I felt could truly help me bring my vision to light. Within minutes the response was overwhelming. 

"Hell yes! I'm in" said one speaker. 

"OMG. Count me in. I'm soooooo excited you're doing this," said another.

"IT'S ABOUT TIME FOR A SUPERWOMAN SUMMIT!" and on, and on the support came in. 

I knew I was on to something. 

As the months went by, the collaborations expanded and the community support grew. People from all over the country wanted to know about this Superwoman Summit and this dream of mine began to take a life its own -- all I've had to do is show up and do the work. 

We have over 35 speakers coming from all over North America -- Ohio, Canada, California, Washington and Oregon will all be represented.

We have organizations sponsoring the experience and donating gifts for you. Associations are promoting the event, and women executives call me every week to talk about it. There are over 25 generous volunteers committed and dozens of people donating their time to work on this event everyday. Organizations like Columbia Sportswear, Nike, and Umpqua Bank are buying up tables. 

It's big and the momentum is HUGE.

I share this all with you because this is an example of what is possible when you build community, follow your dreams, listen to your intuition, take a leap, act in alignment, stand in integrity and use your voice. 

The possibilities become endless. 

Can you feel it for yourself? In your own endeavors? The power of what is possible for you?

If you want to be a part of this incredible weekend and build on what is possible, then I invite you to go ahead and register today. There is no time like the present to commit to yourself, invest in your dreams and follow your heart. 

We're doing this for YOU, because we believe in you and we want to see you empowered as soon as possible to manifest your wildest dreams. 

We need you -- your voice, leadership and creativity -- more than ever. 

Will you join us?

Come on in. We're waiting for you.