When You're Intimated By a Woman

All of my life, I’ve heard that I can be intimidating. This strikes me as funny because if you get to know me personally, you’ll see that I’m just as goofy, prone to make mistakes, doubtful and uncertain as the next girl. 

Women have been telling me this since college, and men told me this a lot when I was single. When I heard it again the other day, I figured I better address it. 

There should be nothing intimidating about a woman standing in her power. 

If you’re intimidated by a woman in her power, it's possible that may say more about you than her. Of course, there are exceptions -- some women are overly aggressive and it would be reasonable to perceive them as intimidating, but not always.  

If you feel intimidated by me or any other woman, I invite you to examine this feeling with love and kindness for what you find. ❤️

Why do you feel intimidated? Is it because she has something you want? Or is it possible you admire the way she carries herself? Or is this really on her? Try to be completely honest with yourself. 

I think the kind of intimidation people are referring to when they call me intimidating isn’t a feeling of fear, but a feeling of comparison. I know, because I feel it myself from time to time.

In our society, we have very few examples of what a woman in her power looks and feels like. It can be unfamiliar, and maybe, even uncomfortable, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating her strength. 

First of all, stop comparing yourself to others. I know it's hard to do, especially when you're an ambitious woman who wants the most out of life. But as Theodore Roosevelt said, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

Don't sacrifice your joy for the sake of comparison. 

Second, power is not an finite resource. You can stand in your power. I can stand in my power. Oprah can stand in her power. Dr. Blasey Ford can stand in hers. And there is still plenty to go around. 

Don’t let yourself shy away from a powerful woman. Woman up. 

Dimming your light won’t help others shine any brighter.

Get out there, shine your light, and for goodness sakes, celebrate other women who model the way. Use them as inspiration to play BIG.