Negative Beliefs Are Like Magnets

"One of the reasons beliefs are so effective in dictating our reality is that they act like magnets... They cause us to draw toward us the people and circumstances that seem to confirm them as truth." ~ Nancy Levine

I used to have a yoga instructor who would spend half an hour teaching us a pose. She would dive into the mechanics and subtle cues in great detail, demonstrating and adjusting us to perfect form.

When she was done, she would give us a wide smile, shrug her shoulders, and say, "or not!" 

I always laughed out loud when she did this. All that time and energy she just spent all chalked up to an..."or not!"???

I thought it was hysterical. 

Those two words --"or not" -- were enough to get me to let go and just be in the moment. 

I'm sharing this with you because I want you to try it on your negative beliefs.

When you notice a negative story running through your thoughts and hijacking your day, can you pause and say, "or not!" to yourself (with a big smile), and entertain the possibility, just for five minutes, that you're wrong?

Truly entertain it. Find three reasons why "or not" could be true for you. 

This simple little exercise might be just enough to get you to let go of a harmful thought and begin the process of dissolving it. 

Or not;)