How to Grow An Idea, Tell Your Story and Make a Difference in Your Community

While planning for the Superwoman Summit, I get a lot of requests from women who want to tell their story on stage -- women who feel they have something to share that will make a difference. 

Since I can't invite everyone to speak at the summit (there just isn't enough time!), I often recommend that they look for other ways to get their message out out into the world. 

Here are seven opportunities every woman has to grab the mic, speak up and use her voice:

1. Tell Your Story on Stage in Your Community

Long before I was founder of the Superwoman Project, I had a personal story I wanted to share so I went on stage at Portland Story Theater, a local storytelling group. Find a similar group in your community to work with. The Moth Story Slam or Toastmasters are two great national groups to get you started. 

2. Speak at Conferences

There is a conference for everything, so get on the Googles and search relevant keywords to find conferences or summits that interest you. Search for events in your industry and groups who hold summits. Get on their newsletter and stay tuned for when they announce a request for speaking proposals. Groups like the Young Nonprofit Professionals and Nonprofit Technology Network are just two examples of organizations I spoke with early on in my career. 

3. Publish a Post on LinkedIn

Not ready to start your own blog? If your topic is related to professional development, get on LinkedIn and use their publishing platform to share your idea. This is a great place to start getting feedback and seeing what resonates. 

4. Start a Blog or a Podcast

Squarespace is my favorite platform for building quick and beautiful blogs and websites. Pick a theme and start your blog today. For more information about blog writing, check out Copyblogger for help. 

Starting a podcast takes a little more work, but it can be a great way to position yourself as a leader around a topic. I love Being Boss's advice on how to start a podcast

5. Submit a Guest Post to a Popular Blog

There are online communities like She Owns It that are looking for female contributors to write guests posts. Find a community whose mission fits what you have to say and look for a link on their website about how to submit a post. Follow the instructions. 

6. Be a Guest on a Podcast

Podcasting has become immensely popular and many podcasts are looking for guests who are passionate storytellers. Make a list of podcasts that might be interested in what you have to say and send them a compelling pitch. I recommend Bridgett Lyons' course on Creative Live if you want to learn more about how to do this. 

7. Share Your Story on Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are the two places I recommend using to share your story. Both have live video streaming options so that you can practice speaking your message in public. They also offer ways to incorporate compelling photos and text to demonstrate your leadership on a topic.

Choose what to do based on where your audience is and what your strengths are when it comes to communicating your message.

How are you going to start growing your idea and making a difference in your community?