When You Don't Feel "Perfect" Enough

Last year my good friend Meg Murray, Founder of Nasty Woman Wines, invited me to be on the next label of her special production Merlot.

Nasty Woman Wines is a social-change wine company that donates a percentage of net profits to supporting women in leadership.

Obviously I was THRILLED!

I started my career in the wine industry…working at a wine shop, a wine distributor and then at a winery. This was my jam and a bucket list I didn’t even know I had.

Meg told me I had two weeks to pull together a photo shoot and get her the images.

I called up my good friend, Nancy, who is an expert stylist and photographer and asked for help. She was an immediate “yes” and the next thing I knew we had a date for a shoot! Nancy was in charge of the clothes and location. All I had to do was show up!


I was 25 pounds heavier than I’d been in my entire life AND all I could think was that my fat face was going to be permanently displayed on 25 cases of wine. That also meant that my fat face was going to go on retail shelves and dining room tables to sit there for all to view! (So mean! I know!)

There was NO WAY I was turning down this opportunity, so I knew I had to just get over it.

So how did I do that?

First of all, I saw this as an opportunity to model the way for other women out there.

You don’t need to be “perfect” to do the thing, whatever the thing is! Your body doesn’t have to be “perfect.” Your words don’t have to be “perfect.” Who’s to say what is “perfect” anyways? Are you going to give your power away like that? I don’t think so! You’re perfect just as you are.

Next, I focused on the fact that when I see women in the world doing their thing, I don’t judge the way they look — ever. I just don’t. It doesn’t even cross my mind. All I think is…damn, that girl is rocking it! You go girl! So I decided to assume that everyone else would treat me the same way — with positive intent.

Finally, I worked with Nancy to find a flattering outfit for my current weight and I did not try to become something I wasn’t. I accepted myself exactly as I was.

Re-focusing my thoughts like this allowed me to press forward and take advantage of this amazing opportunity, and it’s been so fun and rewarding.

Don’t let some “perfect” ideal stand in your way from saying “yes” to opportunities! Just do it. Exactly as you are today — flaws and all.

Oh and buy my wine! It’s sooo good.

PS: Not long after the photo shoot I decided it was time to get healthy again. It took six months and a lot of hard work, but I dropped some of that extra weight. Today when I look at myself on the wine bottle, all I see is a beautiful, powerful woman.