Working Mothers

Superwoman Rules for Getting Unstuck

Superwoman Rules for Getting Unstuck

At work and in business, there often comes a time when there is not an easy solution available to you. 

A time when despite your best efforts, you can’t get someone to listen. 

A time when you repeatedly get looked over for a promotion. 

A time when you are constantly interrupted, mansplained to, discriminated against or held back. 

A time when all your potential clients say no. 

A time when your event doesn’t sell out. 

A time when you can’t find that job that you’ve been seeking. 

Whatever the situation is....when that happens, I invite you to be the change you most want to see in your life, others and the world around you. 

If there is no easy solution available and it feels hard and you feel stuck, how can you be the change you want to see in the world? 

How can you resonate with the energy of the thing you want most? 

What About My Career Now That I'm a Mother?

What About My Career Now That I'm a Mother?

I have a good friend who just had a baby and she's sick with panic over what to do about her career now that she's a new mother and maternity leave is closing. 

She has a great position at a prominent corporation that many women would die to work for, but she just can't see how she can leave her child in daycare and go back to work when maternity leave is over. 

My advice?

First, check in with your big, bad boss. No, not your employer boss. Your essential, stargazing, loving, beautiful, freedom-seeking soul boss. Close your eyes. Feel your feet on the earth and get grounded. 

Coach Yourself: The Body Compass

Coach Yourself: The Body Compass

My life coach teacher, Martha Beck, calls it the body compass. My yoga teacher calls it inner wisdom, or vidyaAnd my therapist calls it intuition. 

To me it feels like a deep, deep wisdom that resides in my chest or between my eyes. When I rest my attention on it, it almost always has an answer for me. And I use it to guide me through everything from what to wear, who to date and how to act in a situation. 

Whatever YOU want to call it, there is a guiding light or a force within you, too. 

It is the voice that compels you.

It can see clearly whether you are experiencing attachment or aversion. Sometimes it might also notice feelings of neutrality.