Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Superwoman Summit

At The Superwoman Summit we are committed to an inclusive experience for everyone, regardless of age, race, political affiliation, or sexual preference.

Therefore, we are striving to increase diversity at our event by partnering with associations and organizations that support disenfranchised groups in the Portland area and by providing a scholarship program devoted to supporting individuals who need financial support, womxn of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. 

We are committed to inclusion; but, what does that mean? 

Feeling included is precluded by a strong sense of belonging, having the resources to perform at the higher levels, knowing your contributions matter, and seeing a pathway forward. 

Inclusion requires that our team members, speakers and volunteers have empathy for the unique challenges you may be experiencing -- such as being on the receiving end of microaggressions, not getting that job interview (or, not getting called back), being interrupted or downright excluded from meetings, getting passed over for promotions, not feeling heard, being unfairly delegated to, having to count more wins, being the only one who looks like you at work, and/or being without mentorship. 

Here’s what we’re doing to help.

We’re striving to offer:

  • Topics that speak to those with diverse backgrounds. 

  • A diverse representation of womxn in the room and on stage.  

  • What you need as a womxn of color or an LBTQ+ individual to progress in your career.

  • A diverse representation of speakers that you can look up to and see yourself in their stories.

  • A platform for womxn from diverse backgrounds to speak, promote businesses, and grow as entrepreneurs. 

  • A scholarship program dedicated to womxn of color, LGBTQ+ individuals and women who need financial support to attend.

  • The opportunity to provide anonymous feedback at the end of each summit.  

  • A commitment to continually improve this event year over year.

If you are a womxn of color, an LGBTQ+ individual, and/or you need financial support we invite you to ask your employer to purchase a ticket to the Superwoman Summit for you. If that is not an option, please apply for a scholarship ticket here. Please share this opportunity with anyone else who you think might benefit from attending. 

We look forward to meeting you at this year’s event. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make the Superwoman Summit feel more safe, inclusive and/or supportive. You can email us directly at info@superwomanproject.com.

This article was written by Superwoman Summit Volunteer, Katie Zink. Katie is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant and Copywriter at Katie Zink Revolutions.