Embrace the Awkward!

For me, going to a networking event kind of feels like going to the gym. Once I'm there, I'm happy. But getting me to go can take a real kick in the ass. 

I'd rather pour myself a glass of wine and binge on the latest episodes of The Americans instead of going through the hassle of putting on makeup, driving across town, and spending an evening mingling with strangers. 

But I do it anyway. 

Every time I force myself to go networking and press the flesh, I am so happy I did. 

Normally, I meet one or two incredible people doing creative and interesting work. I walk away feeling energized and connected, and I go home with a couple of new ideas to build on. 

BUT. It can be so awkward and uncomfortable! Am I right?

Forcing yourself to hang out with strangers can feel downright silly. 

This is why I say, "EMBRACE THE AWKWARD!"

I always go into networking events thinking that it's probably gonna feel a little weird.

I just accept it, embrace it and assume it's equally awkward for everyone else in the room. 

You'll feel a lot better if you do this, too. I promise.

You won't judge yourself so much when you spill wine down your shirt (which I've done), call someone by the wrong name (which I've also done) or run into an ex and hide behind a wall (yep, done that, too!).

So get out there, embrace the awkward and make new friends in your professional community. Your career, business and/or personal life will thank you.

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PPS: Don't live in Oregon? Come to the Superwoman Summit! I try to make it as fun and easy for you as possible to meet people without feeling so damn awkward doing it.