Five Signs You Need Help in Your Job Search

Feeling tired and teary-eyed over exhaustive efforts to find a job is a common feeling for many women looking for work in today’s economy. 

It’s a tough place to be.

So how do you know when enough is enough and it’s time to get help in your search for good work? 

Having coached people in their careers for years, there are a few telltale signs you need expert help in your job search:

1. You’re not using LinkedIn very well. 

If you have a LinkedIn profile that’s outdated and you’re not sure how to go about making it sparkle for a potential employer - then you need help. 

LinkedIn should be your best friend when looking for a job (and throughout your career, for that matter). Your headshot should be professional, your headline concise and specific to your work, and your summary and experience fully flushed out. Not to mention, you need endorsements, recommendations and connections to really make it shine. 

2. You’re not networking very much. 

Eighty percent of jobs are never posted online, so you should spend only about 20-30 percent of your time applying to jobs online and the rest out building a network to support you job search goals. 

If you’re not going to AT LEAST two networking events per month, you aren’t doing yourself any favors to find that next job. 

3. You’re struggling to get informational interviews that help. 

Sure you met with your father’s business associate or your mother’s best friend but how helpful were they? Did you walk away with new organizations to research or the promise of a new connection? If you don’t leave with a list of at least one to three things to do, then you are wasting everyone’s time with informational interviews (including your time!). 

Informational interviews should be feeding your pipeline to finding work. If this is not happening for you, you probably could use some help.

4. You have no volunteer positions on your resume. 

If you claim to be passionate about everything related to cycling (pick your passion) and dedicated to finding work in that industry, then you should have a volunteer position with a group or association dedicated to cycling. 

If not, then you are going to lose that next job opportunity to someone who is volunteering time at the local bicycle transportation alliance. 

5. You just moved to a new city. 

If you’re new to a city and don’t have a lot of connections, then getting help in your job search is a must. If you’re not conducting informational interviews, volunteering your time and regularly networking with people who are helping you, then that’s a sign that you need help in your job search. 

The Job Search Boost

This is why I offer The Job Search Boost for women like you who just need a boost to get your stuff together and to create an action plan for that next job you are so dedicated to getting. 

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