Proceed As If Success Is Inevitable

“Change comes from new habits, from acting as if, from experiencing the inevitable discomfort of becoming." ~ Seth Godin

This quote by Seth Godin (love him!) reminds me of another quote..."Proceed as if success is inevitable."

The moment I adopted this mentality, was the moment everything shifted for me (listen to more about that here). 

The moment I started acting under the assumption that success had already happened some not so distant day in the future, was the moment I started experiencing success.

When you proceed as if change gon' come -- you start vibrating at the frequency of that change and you invite it in more freely. 

When you act as if success is inevitable -- success becomes inevitable. 

That is what TRUE manifestation looks like. 

Acting as if success is inevitable looks like walking into that negotiation with the confidence that you are worthy of the amount of money you are asking for and that you will get it (if not today, eventually). 

Acting as if success is inevitable looks like going on that interview assuming you will eventually get the right job for you no matter what the outcome is on this day.

Acting as if looks like writing that newsletter week after week, watching your subscribers grow one by one, knowing one day your message will reach thousands. 

Acting as if success is inevitable empowers you. It gifts you with the feeling of the thing you want so badly that you actually start to feel as if it has already happened. It provides the joy, contentment and comfort you seek without actually having to manifest the thing that you think will give you that joy, contentment and comfort. Once you're empowered with that joy, contentment and comfort, you will eventually embrace the thing you crave (or it will no longer be a thing you crave).

Acting as if is a bit of a mindgame. It's a little trick you can play to manifest the thing you want most in the world. 

The question then becomes -- what do you truly want? 

So let's play with this a little...

What do you desire? Write it down. 

What is the feeling attaining this desire will give you? Write it down. 

Close your eyes. Can you feel what that feeling feels like inside your belly and in your heart? 

Practice holding that feeling state throughout the day. Focus on how good it feels and in every moment, ask yourself -- what do I need in this moment to stay connected to that feeling state?

Practice this. Day in. Day out. 

Watch what happens to the world around you when you proceed as if your desire is already attained. 

What is possible if you act as if your success is inevitable? 

What is possible if you act as if success has already occurred in the not so distant future and all you have to do is live your way to that moment-- showing up and doing the work, day in and day out -- embodying the feeling it will give you right now, in this moment, on this day. 

Might you then live your way into the answers you seek and the success you crave.