Creativity Challenge

Be The Mystery at The Crossroads of Your Senses

Be The Mystery at The Crossroads of Your Senses

Last week, I embarked on a creativity challenge and because I was traveling, I spent much of it coloring in an 'adult' coloring book (yes, apparently this is a thing). 

As I was lost in creating a pretty picture, I noticed that my brain was actively processing at a whole new level where connections, possibilities and creative ideas came to mind organically.

This is one of the many benefits of tapping into our creativity - creative solutions to problems. 

In "Creativity and the Everyday Brain," an OnBeing interview with neuropsychologist, Rex Jung, Jung says that creative cognition (creative thinking) opens up space for a freer interplay of different networks in the brain. This allows unrelated (or related) ideas to link together more readily.

30 Day Creativity Challenge

30 Day Creativity Challenge

 believe creativity and curiosity are the keys to accessing the higher places within us that guide us to greatness in our life’s work. 

For example, can you recall a time when you felt so overwhelmed and anxious that it paralyzed you and interrupted your whole day? 

It sucks to feel that way, doesn’t it? 

Now, do you remember what shifted your mindset?

What pulled you out of that place of fear and disrupted the negative story in your head? 

Was it a walk you took with your dog?

Perhaps it was the sunlight shining through the trees, or the wind on your face? 

Maybe it was a yoga class, or the time you to took to sketch in your notepad and write in your journal?

And do you remember how that transition from a state of fear and uncertainty to a place of peace and comfort felt? 

Do you recall the moment when you felt transformed and pulled from that lower state of being to a higher place within? 

How did it feel? 

It felt good, didn’t it?

And I bet you were more productive as a result AND you felt more empowered in your life and career. 

I also bet that your work got a little easier and things started going your way.