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The New World of Work and The Modern Woman

The New World of Work and The Modern Woman

The world of work is changing.

Modern advances in technology allow you unprecedented access to tools, resources and opportunities in your career.

Employers are offering telecommute options as a benefit, often allowing you to work from home or while traveling or living on the other side of the world. 

As a result, instead of fitting your life in around your work, you have never been more empowered to build a career that fits your ideal lifestyle. 

You can work a part-time job, freelance and make art on the side. Or work full-time for a company in New York and live in California. You can start your own business. You can make something and sell it. You can live in Bali and work with clients in the United States. You can solve big problems and make a difference. 

Combine hard work, creativity, ingenuity and community and I believe you can achieve almost anything.