Unleash Your Feminine Superpowers to Build Creative Work

How do you go about pursuing your dreams and finding creative work that is fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful? How do you experience success with your creative endeavors?

I believe both women and men can find the answer in what I like to refer to as, your feminine superpowers. Whatever your industry or sector, I firmly think this is key to your success. 

Masculine principles of business are important. Things like systematic thinking, process, action, measurement, and delivery are crucial to the success of your creative endeavors. But in our economy there is an imbalance. Feminine principles of intuition, creativity, collaboration, and curiosity are very often excluded in work and dismissed in lieu of profit margins and data.

I believe this is a grave mistake. Your feminine superpowers are the key to unlocking your greatest potential, building creative work AND having a competitive advantage in the economy.

In November I spoke about this topic on stage at a TEDxMtHood Salon in Portland, Oregon: