The Four Things Women Must Do to Achieve More Money, Success and Joy at Work

The statistics are dismal. The average American is dissatisfied at work and the average woman earns 54 to 77 cents less than her male counterpart. 

You might be thinking, “Hey it’s 2016! What’s the deal already?” And I couldn’t agree more, but it’s a complicated issue with a lot of gray area and complex factors:

The Obstacles Standing in Your Way

First off, many women lack the confidence they need to go after new opportunities, negotiate a raise or ask for more responsibility. In addition, fear of failure, limiting beliefs and negative mindsets can hold women back from raising their hand, starting that business or setting a meeting to talk about salary. Not to mention, some women are so confused about what they want in their career that they don’t even know where to start. 

Next, pile on the male dominated culture of work, archaic maternity leave packages and lack of daycare and support for working mothers, and you’ve got a system that is broken. Finally, discrimination and harassment at work is real and sets many women back from going after leadership positions in their industry. 

I hear ya sister — BIG F’N SIGH

So now what? How do you set yourself apart to overcome these barriers and find career happiness? 

It’s going to take some work and each step can take a big leap to cross over, but if you follow these four phases below, you will be on your way to achieving more joy, success and money in your career this year.

1. Set your goals

Figure out your vision for your future self. What does your ideal day look like? What tasks bring you most joy? Where are you working? What impact are you making? What are the values you’re upholding? What does it feel like to be your future self?

2. Brand yourself

Once you understand your career goals, it’s important to brand yourself to meet those goals. Do you want to be a VP at a hip food and beverage ad agency? Then brand yourself as hip and knowledgable about food and beverage advertising. Do you want to become a fitness coach? Then start a blog about fitness and write a LinkedIn profile that makes your passion in fitness prominent.

Whatever your industry or goals, brand yourself online, in your resume, cover letter, business cards and conversations to align with your career dreams. 

3. Network strategically

Now that you know what you want and you have the brand to match it, take your work out into the world and meet like-minded people by networking. Go to industry related events and network with thought leaders, industry powerhouses, founders, heads of departments and experts to learn more about the industry and to surround yourself with people in the know. If you’re the average of the five people you hang out with most, consider this an opportunity to up your professional persona. 

4. Negotiate like a bad-ass

Now that all is in alignment, learn to spot opportunities to raise your earnings and negotiate your compensation. A successful negotiation is mostly in preparing and taking advantage of transition points to raise your earnings. 

To recap: get clear, brand yourself, network strategically and negotiate your pay to achieve more money success and joy. 

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