The Me, Too Movement: A Large Step on the Long Road to Equality

I'm inspired that so many women have come out this year saying "me, too" to sexual harassment in the workplace.

As sad as it all is to hear, I think the Me, Too movement has been a massive step in the right direction. It's been a great thing to see women speaking truth to power on a widespread, public scale and the harassers fired for their misdeeds. And I think it's wonderful that Time Magazine put some of these bold truth-tellers on the front cover.

Yet I find myself feeling ambivalent with a swirling mixture of contradictory thoughts and emotions. 

These events have been progressive for women's rights because sexual predators are finally experiencing public repercussions and corporations are taking a stand. But I am under no illusion that this has been or will be enough. I fear this story will fade and another hot button issue will take its place. 

There Is Still Work to Be Done

I think so much more needs to be changed for this movement to make a lasting difference and I hope that the Me, Too movement is just the beginning of societal transformation on a massive scale. 

For example, the tragically bureaucratic and obstructionist rules in Congress on how to report sexual harassment at work need to be radically updated.

Men need to be taught how to be kind and generous to strong and powerful women without bringing sex into the equation. "The Rock Test" (which basically asks men to treat women as if they were Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) just isn't enough. 

Women need to be able to report sexual harassment in the workplace without fear of retaliation, and this will require a fundamental change in workplace culture.

Everyone needs to know how to be a good bystander to sexual misconduct so that we all take part in being the change we want to see. 

BUT most importantly, I think we just need more women in power.

The rules are not likely to change on a widespread scale if we don't do it ourselves.

The real solution then is to vote for women, promote women, mentor women, and take on leadership positions when you can.

One day, I envision a world where women have equal power, equal voice and equal opportunity in all things. And I believe this is possible, we just have to keep up the fight. In my view The Me, Too movement is an important step on the road to full equality, however there is still a long way to go.