The only way across is through...

"The things we want are transformative, and we don't know or only think we know what is on the other side of that transformation."

                              ~ Rebecca Solnit

As the Superwoman Summit draws closer, I'm reflecting a lot on transformation

The root of the word transformation is "trans-" which means "across, beyond, on to the other side, and through."

When we cross over, beyond, and through to the other side it's a new experience (otherwise it wouldn't be transformative) and new experiences can be scary.

The gap between where you are and what's on the other side of transformation can be big and taking the first step through to the other side can be hard. Seeing a pathway forward can be difficult. Navigating through the fog, the dark and the uncertainty of every step -- well, that can be downright debilitating. 

And then, we truly don't often know what we're working so hard to get to --what's on the other side of transformation? We think we know what it will look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, but we can't be sure. We can't truly know until we're standing in it. 

So how are you supposed to take the first step into the unknown for something that can feel so uncertain to start with? How are you supposed to maintain your courage in the face of doubt, fear and resistance?

I have found that there is a kind of magic to transformation -- a certain level of thinking and actions that can guide you through to the other side. 

And the only way to transformation is through. 

The first step is to start surrounding yourself with people who help you believe -- people who demonstrate what is possible when you take the first step, people who can show you the way, hold your hand when it's hard, pick you up when you get your butt kicked and walk through the fire with you. 

The second step is to use your intuition like a GPS to gauge appropriate timing for your actions and language for your tongue. 

The third step is to do your research, and understand the context and landscape in which you're operating. Gather your tools and your resources. 

Next, visualize, rehearse, and practice what success will look like until it actually starts to feel like a real possibility. 

Then act with the information you have, knowing it won't be perfect, but that you're doing the best with what you know to be true in this moment. 

Finally, you must be prepared for anything to happen. Know that you are fit and well and that you can handle whatever the consequences (good or bad). Be prepared to think on your feet, duck and weave, get creative and reach out for support when you need it from your tribe of people. 

When you cross over, through and to the other side towards transformation, everything is uncertain. The risks are higher, but the reward is so much greater. 

The reward you get is the sense of freedom you feel when you stand in your integrity, honor your truth, advocate for yourself and what you believe in, use your voice, and discover what it truly means to be alive. 

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