Track Towards Freedom

"It isn't necessary to know exactly how your ideal life will look; you only have to know what feels better and what feels worse." ~ Martha Beck

I love this quote from Martha Beck. It's so incredibly simple when you read it, but to apply it in your life can be a bit harder. 

Knowing what feels better and what feels worse requires you to pause the hamster wheel and get into your body. Feel your emotions, notice the buzzing in your limbs, quiet the rattling thoughts in the brain and take a deep, cleansing breath.

Now, doesn't that feel better?

In the space you just created, I want you to imagine something you're on the fence about. Picture it clearly and then notice the options available to you. What feels better and what feels worse?

What feels like freedom, light and joy versus heaviness, darkness and entrapment?

Track towards the freedom. Lean into the light. Follow the deep wellspring of joy in your heart-center.