What is Your Origin Story?

This month I've devoted a ton of energy to building out the concept for my book -- a process which has required a fair amount of time working through limiting beliefs, overcoming self-doubt and discovering what I truly feel called to say.

Since my business is named The Superwoman Project, this process has gotten me to thinking a lot about origin stories and how everyday superheroes get their superpowers. And then it dawned on me -- I like origin stories! They are so fun. (And I obviously like superheroes). 

My favorite origin stories are Spiderman, Superman and Captain America, and I cannot wait to see the new Wonder Woman movie coming out this spring! 

Most great superheroes and origin stories have several things in common:

  1. A good superhero has to overcome adversity, struggle, and challenge, which makes them more endearing and lovable.
  2. A well-designed origin story demonstrates how the superhero came into their superpowers. 
  3. A lovable superhero has flaws, isn't perfect, and makes mistakes but keeps persevering for good.
  4. There is normally a thing or person (villain) that every superhero has to go to battle with.
  5. A great superhero story shows the hero pull out a win right when things are looking their worst. 

As you head into the next two weeks of holiday vacation and rest, I invite you to be curious about these questions  -->

What is your origin story? What are your superpowers? What adversity and challenge have you had to overcome (or are you battling right now) that is making you stronger, more powerful and more super? Who or what is your antagonist -- the villain you're battling? And what incredible thing are you going to do with your superpowers?

Perhaps you'll uncover greater insight about yourself, your path and your purpose as you seek to find more fulfilling work, be a better leader, and up-level your contribution to the world. 

Happy holidays and cheers to the new year!