Why Most Life-Hacks are Bullshit

"An ancient Chinese text says, 'The way to simplicity lies through complexity.' I've learned that fulfilling your best destiny is a startlingly simple process -- but that doesn't mean it's easy." ~ Martha Beck

I love a good "life-hack," especially if it helps me do one of three things -- keep my house clean, fight off mosquitos or finely chop onions into perfect pieces without crying (why is it so hard?!). 

Life-hacks are good for that kind of thing -- the simple stuff that just annoys you and has a quick fix. 

That being said, I think most life-hacks are bullshit.

There are tons of articles being written with life-hacks for leaders, life-hacks for job-seekers, life-hacks for entrepreneurs, and even life-hacks for cats. It's a crazy, popular trend right now!

The problem I have with life-hacks, is that you cannot life-hack your way through complex things like being an effective leader, finding your dream job or making a difference in the world. 

That kind of stuff deserves more than a "hack" and anything promising you an easy solution to complex problems is a downright lie (or click-bait;)). 

To be a great leader, find a better job or start a business, you have to start by working on yourself first. You've got to know your values, vision, mission, priorities, objectives, audience, and incorporate all sorts of life skills that take work -- deep, meaningful work. 

If you want a real, permanent solution to your problems, stop looking for a life-hack on the Internet and start looking inside of you... 

Identify your values and find out where you are out of alignment with them in your personal and professional life.

Get connected to your deepest desires and creative ideas, then visualize what that would look like in the real world. Commit to your vision and outline a plan to get there. Get feedback and continually improve along the way. 

Now you may be thinking..."Jessica, that sounds like a lot of work!" And you're right! 

What I outlined above isn't easy or simple, at all. It might even be kind of overwhelming, scary or complicated. 
I hate to break it to you, but you can't life-hack your way to success. You might get lucky once or twice, but real, significant change in your personal and professional life requires you do the work. 

The good news is that this work doesn't have to be painful or boring, in the least!

It can be fun and feel like play!

Yes! Play. 

If you want real, permanent solutions to your problems AND you want to have fun while learning, growing and connecting with other cool women...then I invite you to do two things: 

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Here's to not life-hacking your way to transformation, but finding the support, community and resources to help you make real, lasting change.