our approach

We are dedicated to providing the resources, knowledge and connections women need to succeed in their professional and creative endeavors. Our mission is to put more women in positions of power AND to change the power structure of business, the economy and leadership to better embody feminine qualities of collaboration, creativity and curiosity. 


Together we can make the world a better place one woman at a time. 


Our Measure of Success

We measure our success not only by how many women are in executive and political positions around the world, but also by how equal it all feels.

Do women feel like they are being taken seriously? Are we bringing conscious men along with us? Do females in business and leadership have equal pay, equal opportunity and an equal voice? Can women be women without having to act like a man to get ahead?


We care about

Empowering YOU


In order for you to have the strength, permission, knowledge and resources to claim your right to be taken seriously (in all areas of your life), we offer:

  • Education for your professional and leadership development
  • Coaching to dissolve your limiting beliefs and replace them with more empowering stories
  • Support in confronting your fears and being brave in the face of doubt
  • Training to help you better advocate for yourself
  • Inspiration to speak your truth and use your voice
  • Stories that demonstrate it is okay to make mistakes along the way and to get back on the horse when you fall off.



Empowering You to Help Other Women


Empowering yourself isn't enough for things to change, you have to also bring other women along with you, so we help you:

  • Learn how to advocate for the rights of other women in your social circles, workplaces and politics
  • Get the strength to stand up for another woman when you see injustice.
  • Learn how to share your ideas with other women.
  • Organize a group of your friends or start something like a Superwoman Society in your community.
  • Find out how to better encourage your female friends and colleagues to speak their truth, stand up for the themselves and advocate for their rights.
  • Speak positively to and about other women.
  • Mentor women in your community and be generous with your resources to help them.
“You cannot easily fit women into a structure that is already coded as male; you have to change the structure." ~ Mary Beard

Changing the System


Changing the culture in your workplace, shifting the economy through your purchasing power, overhauling compensation packages to be more family friendly, reforming sexual harassment protection rules and regulations, and transforming the dynamics between men and women at work are just some of the things we care about. In order to do these things we encourage you to:

  • Take on leadership positions in your company so that you can influence decision-making.
  • Advocate for changes in the systems in which you operate (whether that's your family dynamic, the company in which you work or the state where you live).
  • Organize on a local, national and/or a global scale to fight injustice
  • Vote for women and individuals who support women's rights.
  • Buy products and services designed for women by women to support the female-driven economy.
  • Donate money to causes that support the advancement of women.
  • Show up as a fully empowered woman and change the system one woman at a time. 

We are a growing organization


We are a growing organization and each week we add new content, courses, resources, events, and opportunities for you to connect around this mission. Every October we reconnect at the Superwoman Summit to celebrate our wins, champion the cause, learn, grow and connect.

At the center of it all is our Founder and CEO, Jessica Williams and her Coalition of Superwomen


Are you ready to take the next step?